Tuesday, August 16, 2011


On this day in 1977 Elvis died. 

Emily likes Elvis.  She doesn't really know it's Elvis...whenever his music comes on she gets excited and says "yee-yo titch!!!"...or in big people language "Lilo/Stitch!!!"

That's all I have for now.  BAM!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sister Solis...Weddings with a BAM!

On Saturday, July 30, 2011 my dear friend Sandra got married.  You know who married her? ME!  That's right!  I became an ordained minister online and got Sandra and Ernesto hitched!  It was so fun and such an honor for me to preside over her ceremony...not to mention I got to mention FUPAs while I was doing it...not many people can say that FUPAs were a part of their ceremony (I was referencing the extremely comedic "FUPA Flop" we saw at Disneyland...for a full detailed account of said occasion please see my post from 1/24/11 ...
...) unless they are getting married and have a FUPAor they are getting married and someone in the wedding party has a FUPAorwellI digressIll move on

Uh ohsee thatI didnt move on!  I dont  even know if that qualifies as a FUPA thoughthat ones more like a FUPATHDUTPA (message me if you really want to know)!!  Ok but now really will move on

But aside from that, and a couple of other little crass inside jokes (you probably wouldnt have even noticed them if you didnt know us or the situations I was referencing), I thought I did a pretty classy job of it.  Here's a picture displaying my natural hidden talent:

Anyway it was a beautiful day and she made a beautiful Bride and I wish the two of them every happiness together!  <3

If you would like to get married and need somebody unconventional to do the job please let me know!  And keep an eye out for a Facebook pageits in the works and I expect every one of you to Like the page until I have such a huge demand of people wanting me to marry them that I can retire from my day job and make a successful living doing  wedding gigs on the weekends a few times a month! BAM!


Why do they look so happy? you ask?  Because they have just been married by Sister Solis!  Oh YEAH!