Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012! BAM?

So we're a few days into 2012 already...I haven't even had a chance to catch my breath from the last couple of weeks of 2011 and already so much is happening in 2012!  I don't really believe in resolutions because I feel they only set me up for this year I have some general ideas about what I should do in 2012 that could make me feel (hopefully) a little less like I'm in constant "emergency" mode or in "total denial of emergency" mode.  2012 should be about facing my (our) bills and actually trying to pay them instead of leaving them in the mailbox (because if we don't check the mail the bill doesn't really exist...right?).  This means that the Solis family might be at home a little more instead of dropping money we don't have movin' and a-shakin' with all our friends.  I hope you will all be understanding of our situation and please know that it isn't because we don't want to be involved in all the 2012 events...but we really have some serious situations we need to correct and if we get it right this year...maybe we will be able to breath a little better in 2013!  Maybe it sounds boring...but it's better than losing our house and living out of a cardboard box (which would be less than boring but not the kind of "adventure" I feel I would enjoy).  Threats of foreclosure are so 2011! 
Another thing I have an idea about for 2012 is to become Vegan....ISH.  I don't think I'm ready to commit to being a full-on Vegan.  I'm not too good with extremes...or putting more than minimal effort into for now I will say I am "mostly vegan" and if I have some slip-ups with my most beloved cheese I won't feel the need to beat myself up about it.  Also...if I'm not so strict on myself I turn things into a little game like "Well...I CAN eat cheese...but let me see how long I can go without it."  Funny old mind and the tricks I play on it...or it plays on me? 
Anyway...those are the two major ideas I have floating around in my head for now. 

Happy New Year Everyone! 

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