Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Don't be such an a-hole!

Hey you! That's right! YOU! Asshole dBAG on the road who speeds up whenever I indicate that I would like to change lanes!  What kind of sick satisfaction do you get by doing this?  There are so many of YOU out there and I just don't understand why!?!?!  All I am trying to do is merge into the lanes necessary to get myself and my daughter to the destinations necessary for me to complete a day of work!  It really makes my blood boil when people do this.  How much faster do you think you will arrive at your destination by not letting me over so that there isn't just ONE MORE car in front of you.  The entire 91 Freeway is a mess of cars not going anywhere fast.  Get over yourselves!!  Stop being a jerk and let me over so I don't end up having to take the 710s to the 405s!!!

Everyday when this occurs (because it REALLY happens EVERY.DAY.) I sigh and mumble under expletives under my breath.  Emily asks "What's wrong Mommy?"  to which I reply, "Oh nothing Emily, people are just mean that's all."  Usually she will reply with something like, "Oh, they're not letting you over Mommy?"  or something of the sort, but the other day she took me by surprise when she replied, "Good people are made of candy and bad people are made of hamburgers."  Too right Emily.  Too right!

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