Monday, September 19, 2011

Oh! Monday...

When my alarm went off this morning I hit the snooze and felt as if I had a 2 ton brick resting on my chest preventing me from being able to physically get out of my bed.  It didn't help that mentally I had no interest in the notion either!  I fought and fought with myself about weather or not I should just call in sick for the day.  Eventually I decided to save my time for another day, got out of bed, and slowly but surely got my shit together for a day of work...or so I thought.  As I started my journey to work (and I was already running slightly late) I realized that I had forgotten to grab my heels.  I wondered for a second if I could get away with wearing my flip-flops all day, decided that I shouldn't, and turned around to go back for the heels.  Since I was already running late I decided that on take two of my trip to work I would stop for some coffee.  I pulled up, ordered my medium coffee with nonfat milk and 2 raw sugars, and promptly realized that I didn't happen to have my ATM card on me.  Why oh why did I not just stay in bed???  I continued on my way to work without a coffee and without an ounce of enthusiasm for the day ahead of me.  As I was listening to a story on NPR about a book by Roman writer Lucretius called On The Nature of Things:
(link to the story)
they broke in to cover a speech being made by President Obama.  I "listened" to the speech, which lasted the remaining time it took me to get to work, but really all that was going on in my head was this:

So I will spend most of the day skillfully avoiding all things work and continue to find other amusing youtube videos to take away the pain of the thorn in my side (that is having a job) and wait impatiently for 5:00 pm to arrive which brings to me about 12 hours of freedom until I have to start the whole process over again.  

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