Tuesday, October 18, 2011

makin' a statement?

On my way to work yesterday I was behind a white Toyota Highlander and the licence plate frame read:
Top: Sex is like Credit
Bottom: Some get some, some don't

Whaaaaaaat?  I mean I understand what it means but WHAAAAAAAAAAAT???  Of all the statements in the world you could choose to put on your car for all to see...that's the statement you landed on?  WOW!  I tried to get a glimpse of who was driving such a statement around town, but was unsuccessful.  I'm thinking it was a woman around 55 years old who is way past her prime,  thinks that she can still get some if she hikes up her skirt to just below the cottage cheese line on her lower thighs on a Friday night after the clock hits five at her meaningless, dead end, office job that, along with her divorce and her teenage kids that hate her, has pushed her to a 2 packs-a-day smoking habit.  Although, I can't imagine someone in such a situation having any reputable credit, and that the sex she gets (if any) is borderline date rape because she has had so much Wild Turkey to drink that she is barely even conscious. 

On the brighter side of life...this exists so it makes me feel a little less crappy about the world...enjoy...

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