Monday, January 3, 2011


i'm determined to make more of an adult out of myself this year.  i'm horrible at "taking care of business."  in years past i have lived in a careless daze thinking such things as "well if i just don't open these bills i won't have to pay them" or "if i just think happy thoughts maybe this yeast infection will go away on its own!"  obviously things such as these will only cause more serious troubles for me down the line.  i have decided that i need to make a list of all the things i can think of that i need to take care of this year in no particular order.  i know i won't be able to think of all the things i need to take care of since over the years the list has become too long to manage!  i will write things down as i go along (or in order of when i receive the collections notice) and slowly but surely i may just figure this thing out just in time for me to die!  tonight we start with trying to figure out our monthly expenses...a task in itself.  also i have vowed that i am going to walk evie (the beast dog) for AT LEAST an hour a day.  i might have to break it up sometimes...15 min in the morning/45 min in the evening or what you will, but this is something both she and i need!   well...that's going to be it for my first blog entry.  i would just like to caution that i don't do well with case you haven't noticed that berate me all you will with your grammatical attacks on me, but grammar is not why i'm here and if that's why you're here then you are probably in the wrong place...or the right place if you are looking for a "how not to write" sample for someone you might be trying to help with the learning of the english language.  as you may have noticed i don't like using capital letters and i use the "..." a lot between thoughts...that's my way of leading you to the next thought.  ok. that's all for now. happy 2011 to all of you following (which for now is NOBODY!)


  1. No one cares about your grammar. Life is boring sometimes until you remember there is a Jessica.

  2. grammar is very over-rated, communication is important. i, for one, am proud of you for doing this, and i will be wayyyy more proud if you continue both the blog and the philosophy! xx

  3. hahaha this reminded me of a funny blog post i read