Thursday, January 20, 2011

the snot heard 'round the world

I'm so sick of the SNOT!!!  It just won't stop!  Where does it keep coming from?  My nose is bloody and so raw!  MAKE IT STOP!!!!

So I have been sick for well over a week now.  I think the last time I was knocked off my ass so hard with sickness was the time I had pnemonia when I was 18...and Friday I turned 30!!! did that happen?!?!  One minute I'm coming down from Extacy driving to San Francisco with pnemonia and then *BAM!!!!!* I'm thirty and there ain't shit I can do about it!!  Or can I?? 

Yes I CAN!!!  This Saturday night we shall celebrate my turning old by going to a roller disco baby!  I'm pretty excited about it.  20 people in a limo to L.A. for a roller disco in an AFRO!  I can't wait!  Hopefully by then I am able to taste something other than the excess snot that doesn't make it in the tissue but travels instead down my throat for me to swallow until it comes back up with the coughing.  Oh the joy of it all!

That's all for now...just wanted to assure everyone that I have just managed to survive turning 30 and tell the tale. 

Happy Birthday David Lynch...Thank you for Blue Velvet!!!  Do you know what a love letter is FUCKER?


  1. Nevermind...of course you know what a loveletter is...fucker!

  2. You did ecstasy? Grapes are much healthier! xxx