Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January the 4th

January 4th 1960-Albert Camus died in a car crash at the tender age of 46.  Without him one of my favorite songs would never have been written: "Killing an Arab" by The Cure...so thanks Albert...sorry you died at such a young age! 

So....we didn't get around to talking about our finances last night (surprise!surprise!).  After picking up Emily, going home, heating up some dinner (I can't say "cooked dinner" since our stove has been out of commission for about 3 months now), and taking Evie (see I did stick to one of my goals for the night!) for an hour long walk, there was only time to watch about 45 minutes of Boogie Nights before passing out.  I have decided I am going to leave the finances till the weekend so that we have plenty of time to sort it out in an organized fashion (sorting the bills out in file folders and getting it into a file cabinet).  I fear, however, that the sorting out of these finances will only lead to the conclusion that I have no money whatsoever...let alone enough money to go to a roller disco in a party bus for my 30th birthday event.  Maybe if we get things on track for this year I can get that going for my 31st birthday party?  <sigh>  I guess we'll have to see where things stand after we do the inventory of outstanding bills..  On an up-note I have lots of other people's birthday events to look forward to this weekend.  Friday night drinks at a friend's  house for a different friend's birthday (not sure if people approve of me using names on here so I'll just leave it mysterious for now) and Saturday night dinner/drinks/dancing in San Diego for a certain set of twin girls I love! Good times!!! 

Before I sign off for the day I would just like to mention that if you ever get an email from me saying that I was mugged in London and I need money wired to me as quick as you can...please...wire the the money...only check with me first what the correct bank account is...there are some a-holes out there playin' tricks on you!  :)


  1. I enjoy the song more than book.

    You'r not alone with the finance thing. I ignore mine as well, eventually they stop calling (then you know your in real trouble).

  2. haha true that nancy! i have delt with a couple of the silence situations in years past...but this is a year of working with the enemy (mostly myself! haha). and i agree...the song is much better than the book! :)

  3. If we can't do the party bus maybe we can do a party caravan of cars? I need to get my vajayjay ready for some roller disco! (Evan thinks I should word this in a classier way)