Monday, January 10, 2011

I am my own laugh track

On Friday it was brought to my attention that I laugh heartily (or cackle heartily some might say) at my own jokes.  “I love how you laugh at your own jokes,” is the exact statement I think.  I thought about it and yea, I suppose it’s true.  I was thinking about it and was trying to decide if it was because I think I’m really that funny, or if I think that if I laugh it will cause a chain reaction of laughter that nobody can resist.  I came to the conclusion that both things are true.  I really am that funny.  Haha! (see…you can’t help but laugh along with me, can you?)  AND…I suppose it’s a defense mechanism.  I enjoy a nice little boost in self worth every time I am able to make people laugh…much like every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings…I enjoy the pleasure of placing another brick in the wall to ward off the self loathing demons that so badly want to eat my soul!  Fuck you demons!  I’ll laugh you right back to hell…where I’m sure I will join you when I have perished. Haha! (see…there I go again…not my funniest I’ll admit…but give me a break…it’s Monday morning!!)

So…The weekend was most eventful.  Friday night party was good times!  Didn’t get home until after 2am and didn’t even realize where the time had gone.  Thanks to Ms. M for having a birthday and thanks to Mr. & Mrs. K for hosting the event.  Saturday I bummed around for the morning and then had to get ready to make my way down to San Diego for the Twins’ Birthday.  I went and picked my best good friend MKM and headed on down to San Diego…but not before stopping at the Carlsbad outlets so MKM could buy a much deserved COACH purse (jealous!).  We got downtown to the Gaslamp District and got settled in the hotel…got our drinky on and headed out for a fun evening of dancing and apparently some heavy head-banging because my neck is feeling really sore and stiff!!  I guess it happens when you mix too much alcohol with too much 80’s hair band cover music while partying it up in San Diego when you’re six days from turning 30! <sigh>  I was home exactly 24 hours from when I left the day before, took a shower and headed out to Disneyland for a few hours (just the Solis trio).  It was cold and it had been a long weekend so we headed back home and called it a weekend.  And just like that BAM!!!’s freakin’ Monday all over again!  Grr.

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